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Common Industrial Accident Injuries

Working in industries involves interacting with massive and dangerous machines. They can cause severe damage to you, and some employees struggle with the pain without compensation from their bosses. Below are common industrial accident injuries.

Spinal and Head Injuries

Such injuries primarily result from slipping and falling on your back. It is expected in construction sites where tripping hazards lie around. They increase the chances of falling and injuring your head or spinal cord.

Such accidents are life-threatening and can leave you disabled for the rest of your life, hence the need to consult industrial accident attorneys. They are experienced in handling such cases and can help you get worthy compensation.


Another accident you may encounter in an industry is burning from flammable substances, overheated machines, or explosions. Chemicals can also cause fires when you lack the tools to handle them properly, resulting in severe burns.

When these happen, you will need representation from industrial accident attorneys to push your settlement claims. Burns from explosions can also occur when you are working and can be severe if you get in contact.

The workers’ compensation injury covers everyone at the workplace, and the only way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve is through a lawyer.

Collision Injuries

Catastrophic accidents can also occur using forklifts, ladders, or scaffolds; such machines may become faulty, crash and incapacitate you or cause serious injuries. You may also fall from a height and sustain injuries forcing you to stay away from work.

Crashes usually involve multiple injuries all over your body and can sometimes cause internal complications. Since they are generally life-threatening, industrial accident attorneys prioritize them and strive to win you total compensation.


Poison inhalation is also a common injury that occurs in industries. It can happen due to negligence from your employer unless they guarantee your safety. They must provide the necessary personal protective equipment to protect you from exposure to such harmful gasses.

Inhaling hazardous substances can cause a long-lasting impact on your health, and you will need a competent industrial accident attorney. This way, you will be confident that you will have experienced representation that will increase the chances of winning the lawsuit.

How Can a Professional Industrial Accident Attorney help?

If you have sustained any workplace injuries due to instances you could not control, you are entitled to compensation. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you achieve this and ensure that your medical bills are paid and that you are settled for the days you could not go to work while nursing your injuries.

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