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Workspaces should be safe spaces. When you have been either facing harassment at work or have been unjustly dismissed, it can increase stress levels. If you or someone you love is in such a situation, it is time to reach out to an employment lawyer. Stacy Ball, employment lawyer is the leading name in the industry. They understand how difficult it can be and help you fight for your right. Following are a few different cases that fall under the purview of employment law.

Sexual Harassment

The workplace should be free from harassment and a safe space for the employees. The sad truth is that sexual harassment is a common phenomenon in the workspace. It could be in the form of verbal comments or unwanted touching or sexual assault. If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workspace, you should reach out to a lawyer. They will explain to you the options that are available to you. The employer must develop policies that will protect the workers against sexual harassment. Sadly, it often happens that the policies aren’t strong enough or they are ignored. If you have experienced sexual harassment, the lawyer can help you to file a Human Rights Complaint or pursue a civil lawsuit for a tort like assault or constructive dismissal. During the consultation, the lawyer will present you with the available options.

Termination Clauses

It happens often that employers try to include a termination clause in the employment agreement. When enforced, it could limit the amount of “reasonable notice” you will receive in case of termination. Many times, employees accept these clauses at their face value. It often happens that these clauses come back to bite when they are terminated. When the termination clause is not enforceable, you might be entitled to a notice period is calculated as per the common law. The amount tends to be higher. Whether you are starting a new job or have been terminated from your previous one, it is in your best interest to reach out to a lawyer. They will help you to fight the clause and educate you about the steps that could be taken.

Unjust Dismissal

A dismissal is considered unjust when you are a federally regulated and non-unionised employee that has been terminated without cause. When you are being terminated, the employer has to provide you with a valid reason or the job function should be in the position of discontinuation. However, unjust dismissal can’t be sued for every available situation. Dismissals are highly complicated and unique in their own right. When you have been dismissed from your job, you must reach out to an employment lawyer. Stacey Ball, will listen to you and determine the type of dismissal you have faced. Based on the determination, they will decide on steps that need to be taken to help you in your fight.

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