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How Workers Comp Law Firms Maximize Your Claim Settlement

The majority of workers’ comp claims in the state of Virginia lead to a lump sum settlement. However, you probably don’t know how much you should settle for. In fact, you may also not know the worth of your injury unless you speak with an experienced workers’ comp attorney. Great attorneys from one of several Roanoke workers comp law firms know how to increase the settlement value of your claim. To maximize your settlement amount, the following are the steps you will have to take:

Notify Your Employer about Your Injury

To secure a fair settlement, you must report your on-the-job injury to your employer as soon as possible. Keep in mind that if you wait longer, it can be more difficult to prove the legitimacy of your case to your boss and their insurance company.

In addition, you must have a written report of your injury. Once you report the incident to your employer, you should be provided with a workers’ comp claim form. After you fill this form out, your employer must share it with their insurer.

Seek Prompt Medical Treatment

Seeking treatment for your injury on time ensures the insurance company won’t have a reason to lower your settlement amount or deny your claim. Your medical report will serve as evidence that an injury existed and how it possibly occurred.

Be Aware of the Workers’ Compensation Disability Rating

Usually, work injuries lead to lasting physical disabilities that can make it impossible for you to work for a certain period. Disability comes in the following forms:

  • Temporary total disability. If you have this disability, you won’t be able to work for a particular period.
  • Temporary partial disability. With this disability, you cannot perform some; however, not all of your work-related duties for a particular period.
  • Permanent partial disability. This disability makes it impossible for you to perform some work-related duties permanently.
  • Permanent total disability. Because of this injury, you won’t be able to work again for any employer.

If you are permanently injured, you could be eligible for lifetime wages that could replace the wages you lost because of your injury.

Ensure You Get Fair Benefit Payments

If you have a disability, you could be eligible for weekly benefits, which are a set percentage of what you earn every week at work. The insurance company may settle if you are getting a disability check from them every week. To make the most out of your weekly checks, your attorney can check your average weekly wage calculation. They can factor any overtime work or side jobs into your check.

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