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What are Protective Orders?

As part of the criminal justice system, protective orders are court orders for victims to seek protection from their abusers. They may be issued by either a civil or criminal court at the request of the victim. The purpose of protective orders is to keep victims safe from further violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Protective orders are often sought by those who fear for their safety or that of their children following an incident that has occurred.

Often, at the onset of divorce disputes, it is quite normal for any individual to apply for a protective or restraining order against their spouse or partner to protect themselves and their children. Protective Orders are legal documents that give victims of domestic violence protection from their abusers. The law requires abusers to stay away from and stop contacting the victim for a certain period of time. Victims can also request that their abusers turn in any guns they own to the police. You can consult a divorce attorney in Galveston to know more about applying and issuing processes of protective orders.

What to Do If You Need to Obtain a Protective Order in Galveston?

Every state has different laws on what to do in order to obtain a protective order. In Texas, when someone needs to get a protective order, they must go to the family district court in their county. The process for obtaining this varies depending on the county in which someone lives. A person will need to fill out the petition form and the domestic violence affidavit form, provide proof of identity and pay a fee of at least $50.

Protective orders are issued by the Galveston District Court when there is an immediate threat of harm to someone. Protective orders can be issued to protect spouses, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, and other dependent family members. There are several ways an individual can obtain a protective order in Galveston County. 

What to Do If You Want to Challenge a Protective Order?

Georgia Restraining Orders are often granted when someone feels threatened by a person they have been in a relationship with. In order to challenge a restraining order, you’ll need to file a motion with the court and prove grounds for your request. The burden of proof is on you, so be sure to speak with an attorney before filing.

If you want to challenge a restraining order in the US, you need to do so within ten days of the restraining order being issued. If you wait until after ten days, you cannot contest it. 

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