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Top 4 Basic Rules in Traffic Know Everyone Should Know

Car accidents continue to rise, raising the need for drivers to be observant and cautious when driving. According to statistics, millions of people are involved in car accidents annually. Some sustain injuries, and others die. In most cases, car accidents happen due to avoidable situations. That is why there are traffic rules under the law that people need to know and follow to avoid accidents. While traffic laws vary from state to state, there are basic rules that apply on every road, and drivers must follow them. Here are four of them.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t drink and drive is another significant rule on roads. Even though this law seems obvious, many are caught and charged with driving under the influence. Driving under the influence is one of the leading causes of car crashes, some being fatal. Therefore, you will likely get around fifteen years of jail time if charged with DUI. However, if it is your second or more offense, you might get twenty years or more in jail. The time you get also depends on the degree of your crime. You can get help from DUI lawyers if charged to avoid jail time.

Don’t Overspeed

Many people have died, and others suffered severe injuries due to speed. In fact, you will find common signs on the roads like “Speed Kills.” Driving over the limit set for that section of the road will land you in trouble. The traffic police are always on the lookout for speeding drivers. Therefore, ensuring you are driving within the speed limit is crucial. If you overspeed, you will get a speeding ticket. The amount you are charged depends on where you are speeding. For instance, if you are caught speeding near a school, get ready to pay more. Again, the more you speed, the high the ticket you get.

Know Your Options

It is also essential for drivers to know their options when faced with different traffic situations. That means knowing your options. Get legal advice and research on legal websites and other sites. Ensure you also connect with an organization that can provide the legal aid you need. According to the law, everyone should ensure they have enough resources and materials to support their case.

Wear Your Safety Belt

Even though this rule is under the law, it is also common sense that one should wear a safety belt while on the road. Whether driving or a passenger, always ensure you buckle up even before you put in the ignition key. It is crucial to avoid the severity of an injury in case you are involved in an accident. Wearing your safety belt ensures you are in a good position.


These are four basic rules that you must know as a driver. They ensure your safety and that of other drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, stay updated with the basics to avoid being a victim of accidents, fines, or jail time. Ensure you gather resources from legal sources to stay updated.

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