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What Happens When a Consent Order is Rejected?

A consent order is a legally binding agreement between two parties ending a relationship detailing the division of joint assets, and details regarding child custody and care. The Family Court must approve a consent order for it to be made legally binding, and there are some scenarios when the Family Court does not approve a consent order, which include the following:

  • The consent order is incorrectly formatted, in which case the court would recommend a solution.
  • When consent orders are rejected, it might be due to a lack of contingency clauses, and the court would recommend adding these.
  • The Family Court might judge that the agreement is not just and equitable.
  • The orders might not be in keeping with the Family Law Act.
  • The orders were not presented in the correct order.

The specialist that deals with consent orders rejected is the family lawyer, who can quickly resolve the issue, and for a fixed fee, he or she will handle the process on your behalf, then you and your ex-partner can move on with a degree of finality.

Virtual Appointments

Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, it is now possible to have a virtual meeting with an experienced family lawyer, and with their assistance, the orders can be amended and resubmitted to the Family Court, and you won’t have to attend. You would have time to upload documents for the lawyer to read prior to the conference call, and once everything is agreed, you no longer have to worry about the rejection of the consent orders.

Guaranteed Approval

The family lawyer would guarantee the orders are approved, and would refund your fee is this was not the case, as very often, the issue is not concerning the points of the agreement and the lawyer can make the necessary changes for it to be approved. This is a fast and reliable way to proceed when consent orders were rejected, and a Google search will help you locate a local family law firm, and they will be able to make the necessary changes and resubmit the orders for approval by the Family Court.

Follow the Court’s Advice

When consent orders are rejected, the Family Court will recommend a solution, and once that recommendation has been followed and the orders are re-submitted, the court will approve the consent orders and they will automatically become legally binding.

If you need help with consent orders, talk to a good family lawyer and they can guide you through the process with guaranteed results.

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