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Important Things You Know About Getting an Artist Visa to the USA

Although working and living in the US isn’t an easy task for non-US artists, residing in the states is important for you to take your career to the next level. New York City particularly, since the late 1950s, has been a destination for artists. World-class museums, art auctions, and galleries have made it a darling for most artists.

Most art experts claim that for you to get a solid international standing, you need to live in the US for approximately five years. Therefore, to live in the US as an artist, you need to acquire an o1-artist visa.

This article tells you the important things you need to know about acquiring an artist visa.

What’s an artist visa?

An artist visa, also known as a 01 visa, is given to foreign artists with extraordinary art abilities. You can qualify for this type of visa if you have awards such as the Grammy. A lesser national or international recognition may also be used as proof in meeting the visa requirements. Apart from that, you can also qualify for this visa if you have an elite membership or are part of an organization with a distinguished reputation, such as the Rolling Stones band.

Benefits of An Artist Visa

Having an artist visa can enable you to:

  1. Live and work in the States for longer periods.
  2. Get numerous extensions.
  3. Work for many employers in the US.
  4. Live in the US temporarily as you work out ways of becoming a lawful permanent resident.
  5. Move with children under 21 years and your spouse to the US.
  6. Apply for a 02 visa for your assistants to join you in the US.

Requirements of Getting an Artist Visa

There are primarily five requirements for getting an artist visa. They include:

  1. Having an extraordinary ability in the arts.
  2. Flying to the states to work in your department of exceptional ability.
  3. Having a petition filed by a US agent, employer, or foreign employer.
  4. Getting an advisory opinion from a labor organization, peer group, or management organization.

Documents Needed to Apply for an Artist Visa

To apply for an artist visa, you need specific documents that show your unique qualifications. Here is a list of the documents you’ll provide.

* A copy of your passport

* Recommendation letters from experts in your field

* A resume

* A document outlining your extraordinary abilities

* An advisory opinion from a peer group.

* A document explaining your employments, terms, and conditions.

Steps of Getting an Artist Visa

  1. Hire an immigration lawyer to help you identify the documents you’ll need in your petition and walk you through the process of getting your visa.
  2. Fill an I-129 form to apply for your visa. You’ll need to attach an O-supplement form, advisory opinion, and letters of recommendation to this form.
  3. Once your I-129 form is approved, your lawyer will help you schedule an appointment with a consulate of your home country.

The Bottom-line

If you’re an artist who has extraordinary abilities, you’re eligible for an artist visa. This visa accords you many benefits such as living and working in the US, working for multiple employers, and getting numerous extensions. However, to acquire this crucial document, you need to know what it takes to get it.

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