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Why wills are so important?

Wills are essential documents that offer immense benefits by conveying your intentions upon your death. The legal documents with the content are expected to be honored and executed according to your wishes. There is never the perfect time to write a will; make one as soon as possible.

However, the importance of wills cannot be overemphasized. Below are some of the reasons that establish the importance of wills:

1. Avoid Confusion

This is the most important reason to create a will. Wills help family members and loved ones to avoid the confusion that your death may bring. Wills help save time that a court process requires to distribute assets. The court will appoint someone to manage your estate and lots more. Wills prevent this confusion and help the family move on peacefully.

2. Choose an Executor

Wills allow the testator to determine who will oversee the distribution of their assets and manage their estate. The executor does a crucial job in ensuring that the intentions of the testators are implemented accordingly.

3. Distribute Assets or Possessions

Wills allow testators to share their possessions personally. They get to decide who gets what in their assets. The beneficiaries will be named along with the assets given to them. This ensures that only people mentioned or desired to be given possessions get them. Testators can also prevent some people from getting anything from their possessions.

4. Choose a Guardian

If there are minor children, wills allow testators to choose a guardian for the children, especially if they are the only parents alive. The guardian named will have the sole legal custody of the children. This will prevent children from feeling neglected and at the mercy of family members or relatives.

5. Prevent Family Disputes

People who die without wills, in most cases, have their family members having disputes about what their final wishes were. There would be disputes, arguments, and several court cases challenging the distribution of the assets, child custody, and lots more.

6. Leave a Legacy

Wills allow testators to leave a legacy by declaring their intentions regarding this in their wills. They allocate or give a certain amount of money or asset to the causes or charitable organizations they support.


The above are some of the benefits that confirm the importance of wills. If you have yet to write your will, this is the right time to plan to write it. Writing a will is a way for being responsible and showing love to have your family until death. Contact an experienced family law attorney to advise you regarding making a valid will that will be legal-binding.

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